2018 PDM- Destination Organization Operations: Technology & HR

30th April - 7th May 2018   (GMT-04:00) America/New_York

April 30 - May 7, 2018
Online Course


Destination Organization Operations: Technology and Human Resources


The greatest asset of any destination organization is the people who work there and the systems that support their work. As human resources and technology are two of the largest expenses of a destination organization, so are they two of the most vital elements.

Destination marketing is a customer relationship oriented profession; thus, making Human Resources absolutely a critical and essential element of its success. Recruiting, hiring and maintaining the right people in the right jobs helps to ensure the success of a destination organization. It is imperative that those people are hired the right way for the right reasons, provided with the necessary tools and authority to carry out their jobs, compensated appropriately, continually trained, constantly motivated, and provided the most conducive environment to successfully carry out their well-defined responsibilities. This course will review these elements to provide participants with the tools they need to understand this essential area of destination organization management.

In addition to a good workforce, a destination organization needs good technology. When used to its fullest potential, technology can support a destination organization’s day to day operations, sales, customer service and research, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in any language, anywhere in the world. This course will review the role of technology and how to incorporate it into the destination organization's strategic planning and quality control processes, as well as manage its continual process improvement.

In addition to an overview of key terminology, upon completion of this course participants should be able to:


  • Review best practices in human resource management including support in recruiting and maintaining employees
  • Review of relevant labor and employment laws, employee compensation and benefit structures and internal communication techniques
  • Support of leadership training
  • Explore the critical aspects of capacity building and role in staff retention and improvement
  • Understand current uses of technology in the destination organization
  • Review how technology systems are integrated to maximize efficiency and output
  • Evaluate technology and its use in each functional area of the destination organization including sales, marketing, capacity building, customer service and finance
  • Comprehend why its important and how to develop policies and protocols controlling technology use including issues around security, access, privacy and related areas.
  • Review the latest trends and future technological advances for destination organizations


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